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Heating for 270,130 residential end users


Heating for 36,836 non residential end users


Heating area reaches 38.5 million ㎡

      Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Company Limited, founded on October 23, 2017, is the largest heat supply enterprise in Jilin Province. Its registered capital is 53,763,400 yuan. By the end of March 2019, the heat supply area of Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. has reached 38.5 million square meters in Changchun. It is responsible for the heating work of more than 307,000 households in Changchun.

      Since its inception, Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. has always been committed to fulfilling the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise and becoming an outstanding leader in the industry. It has 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 8 heat supply departments. Its business covers engineering construction, equipment maintenance, design services, electrical instrumentation verification and heat source transmission services. Among the senior management and many professional technical teams with rich thermal experience in Changchun, more than 30% of them have more than 20 years’ experience in heating operation, and 23% of them hold professional title certificates such as engineering, accounting and management. One thousand and eighty one employees work diligently to build the brand image of Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. with ingenuity and set up the industry benchmark.

       Heat supply is the core business of Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. Over 20 years of operation history, Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. has gradually established a leading position in the heat supply industry and accumulated rich experience. Eight business departments deliver heat to the main areas of Changchun City by energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection and the industry’s best cogeneration heating mode. We maintain a wide customer base in our heating service area, including residential and non-residential heating end users. We provide all-round customer service for heating end users and establish end-user service system to deal with the various needs of end users. In addition, we have a dedicated team responsible for Emergency Response Plan. At present, all our heat is purchased from local cogeneration plants. The heat source is more stable, economical and environmentally friendly than coal-fired boilers. We maintain strategic and in-depth cooperation with three of the five cogeneration plants in Changchun City so that the thermal power of Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. has stable heat sources. In particular, the primary distribution pipelines are the sole heat distribution system with access to the inner urban areas of Changchun and connected to No.4 Cogeneration Plant and No.5 Cogeneration Plant. Therefore, we believe that we will be able to maintain our dominant position in purchasing heat from local cogeneration plants. Since 2016, we have adopted the smart heating network system, which can help us to achieve real-time operation monitoring, equipment remote control, automatic output adjustment and problem solving, as well as the collection and analysis of operation data. This smart system helps us to improve the quality of heating, improve operational efficiency, and save energy. In addition to heating business, Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd., relying on the integration of heating industrial chain, with high-level qualifications and industry licenses, excellent driving force and good reputation, covers the whole Northeast China with engineering construction, equipment maintenance and design services.

       In order to fulfill the mission, we take responsibilities for the future. Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on the main heat supply industry, accumulate surging power and build a broad blueprint. Create development in collaborative innovation to stabilize growth performance and return investors to a good development situation. In an era of rapid change, Chuncheng Heating Co., Ltd. will set sail with great momentum and open a new chapter in the wave of economic development.