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Heating for 500,000 residential end users & non-residential end users

466.7 million yuan

The current registered capital is 466.7 million yuan

62.06million ㎡

Heating area reaches60.2 million ㎡

    Jilin Province Chuncheng Heating Company Limited (“Chuncheng Heating”) was established on October 23, 2017, with a registered capital of 466.7 million yuan. As of June 30,2022, Chuncheng Heating has covered 62.06 million square meters of service area in Changchun, providing heating for about 500,000 residential and non-residential users. On October 24, 2019, Chuncheng Heating was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK) with the stock code 1853.HK, becoming the first heating stock in the Hong Kong capital market.

    Chuncheng Heating has 11 holding subsidiaries and 13 heat supply divisions, covering a business scope of: design and research, heating engineering development and construction, engineering construction, heating services, equipment maintenance, electrical instrument verification, heat transmission services, etc.

    With the mission of fulfilling the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, Chuncheng Heating always adopts the advanced production mode of Internet + heating to improve the service level of enterprises. Chuncheng Heating cooperates with a number of intelligent heating control technology teams to create the leading Smart heat supply network system in China and establish a digital, visual and convenient heating operation platform, which is recognized as the leading level in China by China Urban Heating Association. In terms of heat source guarantee, Chuncheng Heating established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many large cogeneration plants in Changchun, mainly adopts operation of clean heating through cogeneration, takes the lead in realizing multi-heat source network, making heating production safer, more stable and more environmentally friendly. Relying on the integration of heating industry chain, Chuncheng Heating covers the whole northeast China with engineering construction, equipment maintenance and design services.

    In the face of new historical opportunities and challenges, Chuncheng Heating will continue to expand state-owned capital, improve civil livelihood and well-being, and become an excellent heating brand, so as to satisfy the users and reassure the government.